03 September 2012

Stay tune for my upcoming new blog :)

Hey readers! Really sorry for not updating my blog for like 10 months *OMG* as I have a major exam this year. But there's a good news too, which is I'm gonna create a brand new blog soon, around mid/late September and I promised that I will make it as interesting as possible! :) so please do stay tune to visit my new blog. While waiting, you can follow me on instagram: crysxx29 to get a little update from my photos hehe! Or do email me at misscrystalxx@hotmail.com to dropby and you can even ask me any question (but not personal question) / comments about my blog or what you wish to see me blog and I'll reply ASAP :) Don't worry, I'm friendly and won't eat u up so just go ahead!

12 November 2011


Finally, after waiting for 11 months....

So I did went to school just now cus its 11.11.11 and it's suppost to be the whole quiet-cold situation in class but because I'm smart enough to bring my camera to kill the boredom, so yea.

I seriously need money to survive during this holidays so i made up my mind to find a part time job in pyramid. Skipped school and went with e lynn to find and apparently we almost went into every single shops for fun :)

Life've been complicated.....
Every night before I closed my eyes...

25 October 2011


OKAY. I'm on my 1 week deepavali's holidays now and i'm superb bored
trying to think what to do for the next day and all i DID was
mopping/sweapping the floor, clean my stuffs and watch tv -___-
interesting huh my life at home?

so basically, exam just ended and parents start bugging me to study during the year end hols as i'm having SPM next year but this is what i plan to do
learn how to cook good/high quality food
take up my dancing class again ( after 3 months)

hmmmmm sista wanna use this computer now so ugh! ciao!

Some neighbour of mine got married and this pic was taken in the morning from my balcony

oh yea! did i mention that i have to wash them? cus of the dirty and smelly water?

which make my day just doing al this cleaning -.-

Trying to get attention huh?

I'm just too bored so this is what i do when i see myself in the mirror

08 October 2011


Okay, finally I've made up my mind to blog again :D it's exams month and the funny thing is u can still see me very active on fcb and that's because my study mood have been fade away due to all kind of distractions around me and it keep rainning everyday so, I'll just blame it on the weather for making me sleepy when I tried to read the books

oh yea, I'm on my 'exam break' right now so i guess it's really a stupid thing - to study for the exam right after your holidays during now
URGHHH!! and yes, I did screwed up my other papers

And recently, I've got addicted to fashion
cus they're really pretty, LOVE IT !!
so gonna go for shopping during year ends

those are some pictures I've found that make me happy :)


13 August 2011


Hey readers! yup, I know it's been ages ever since I've come to blog
gotta admit that I'm just lazy to type anything here
school life is just a terrible thing to mention as I need to wake at 5.45AM everyday and worst of all is that even it's raya month and sch ends at 12.30pm everyday but I only can be home at 2, ughhhhh!

There's loads of holidays during last and this month which I can't rmb why... spending my free time at home with some useless stuffs cus I'm really to bored with the lack-of-food in my kitchen, there's nothing can be eat/done in my house
Oh yea, being really crazy about studying as exam is just around the corner (1 month to go) and really happy about having the study mood sometimes but, there's time I can be a sleeping beauty as I always sleep at midnight and wake before the sunrise
mummy said that I'm having short term memory and panda eyes due to my lack-of-sleep and yea, all b'cus of computer which is a temptation to me

I can't wait for my college's life to starts :D !!!! eventhou there's still 1 more year to spend my life in secondary sch -.-' and am excited to hang out/shoppings during the long hols with friends
so many my-stuffs to list down and grab them ♥ ♥ ♥
ahh~ just can't wait for it ! dreaming about it all time making my life such an illusion and this is not good so gotta have them soon!

signing out with loves xoxo- crystal
P/S: There's always something you can change

18 June 2011

Kung Fu Dunk

As u know, i've watched kung fu dunk main character by jay chou which is so awesome(the basketball tecnique) and the way he acted, dumb dumb
i should have a movie marathon every holidays so i won't be outdated
im just bored so i just blog
omg?did i just rythme? hahahahaha awesome-ness filled in me

That's all for today and i know it's kinda lame
... ... .... oh!! and i almost strain my whole body...bad thing....

05 June 2011


hey humans! bloggie walkie tokkie are here! wheeee~ finally, im blogging -.-'
oh well, I myself were expecting to blog during the hols but im over bored
have no idea what to blog about cus the hot weather ruined my
whole day looking at my fcb did not really help me except when i can reply comments

it's always the same, either no outing all all or too many outings
which make me really ughhhh!!!
u know why? come, i tell u why.... b'cus so......la! hahahaha gotcha!!
anyways i'm glad that my group have been selected to perform for teachers' day
eventhou i know teachers' day was over like month ago but CHS ma, always have some weird stuffs on a weird date which makes me feel so outdated

went to pyramid last wednesday *at least i dont have to rot at home*
watched pirates of the caribbean- on stranger tides & it was awesome!!
before that me & bel went to try on some dress as usual we did and we dint realised it's near 415 to the movie time but aiya, they always take at least 8min to show the freking advertisments
back around 6 i guess which means my day not really bored but
also bored?

pyramid again, on thursday with classmates and I planned to celebrate kah yaw's bd but unfortunately not many can turn up... it's okay! cus there's 6 of us :D more that 2 mean alot ady
went skating, arcade, lunch, lepak, pool and bowling
everything was done except for shopping and i really really have no money
walk passed every shop can just look at it then *close eyes faster walk away*
how i wish i have transport to go for a part time job :(

anyway, going down to penang on tuesday and food!!!
hope I can eat what i wanna eat in that 2 days or not it will be so wasteful going there without eating outside food
okay, im done blogging today and let the pictures make my blog more alive

obviously, im not good in pool

birthday boy's cake - 3 choco lavas

1st time high waist dress on me *not bad*

*scrolled up* heart says: wow! successfully blogged ! *cheers*
mayb it rained today that's why im in the mood :)

P/S: u're back, finally....and i really missed you that much